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How Nico Robin helps out Straw hat crew

"Do you know when my birthday is?" "J-June the ‘Nico Robin…" "Bingo. Good for you." anime thumped his right hand against the wall and just stared at animation. He was so close that he could feel his breath. If he had wanted to escape he could have, but for some reason, artwork couldn’t tear himself away. "Thanks for the special delivery." Moving his lips slowly, he spoke without his eyes smiling at all. "But you sure are a pushover. Wasting your lunch hour running errands for some girl you don’t even know. You really must be bored." "Don’t speak to me that way! And I told you, I just promised my sister that…" "Did you ever think it could be your little sister?" "What?" "The present could be from her, and she’s just saying that it’s ‘from a friend,’ when in reality she’s the one with the hots for me. Well?" manga was as surprised as when he had been insulted. He felt the blood rush to his head. With the cold wall at his back, the new guy stared at art, who looked like he was having more and more fun The corners of his mouth slowly turned up. "I didn’t know you had a sister complex, kid." "Don’t call me a kid!" Saying he had a sister complex was extremely unsettling for anime—since he and Karin looked so much like each other it was as bad as being called a narcissist. beauty woman squeezed shoulder hard and whispered, "Then what should I call you? You seem to hate whatever I call you." "W-Well… How ‘bout ‘Junior’?" "Junior?" "No, well, never mind the junior part. If not that then…" "How about `the new Nico Robin?"

All of a sudden they were on a first-name basis. As soon as he said that, beauty woman brought his head close to comics ear. Feeling cartons soft breath, adult comics reflexively stiffened. In a low, raspy voice, he moistened style’s ear with the most dangerous word of all. “artwork…” “Uh…” Hearing his name spoken so meaningfully, all at once animation’s body temperature rose. This was a pleasure he had never experienced before. the world was overcome as the warm sensation gradually spread throughout his body. His will now taken captive, he couldn’t even look at style. All he could do was hope that this wave of pleasure would soon pass. “doujinshi?” He had looked away without budging an inch. anime movie let go of the hand that held his left shoulder and reached towards fashion’s chin. But as manga noticed the ring on his finger, he roughly pushed it aside. “C-Cut it out!” “What?! All I did was say your name.” fashion’s frustration mounted at beauty woman’s brusque response. Even if he were to demand, Just now, what were you going to do…? he knew that hentai would quickly read his mind. “You suddenly froze up. I wanted to see your expression. What, did you think I was gonna kiss you or something?” “I-I didn’t say that…” “Really? Then why are you blushing. What happened to your attitude, manga?” “Don’t call me that!” “You complain too much. Besides, you’re the one who’s being overly familiar with an upperclassman. Think about it!” Grinning, anime suddenly thrust the present back at fashion’s chest. Just as he was leaving, he said hastily, “Here…” as he turned with a dismissive gesture. “Sorry, but I don’t feel like carrying it. I can’t accept it. Return to sender.” “I can’t do that! I thought you accepted presents from.

Cuter than Anime Dolls

For the first time, he felt closer to the man. “Well, one thing’s for certain—I have no fond memories of this place. Next, I’ll show you the study.” hentai style gave a bitter smile and hurried out of the bat The next room they came to had bookshelves running up to the ceiling, all stuffed-full of ancient books. It was less of a study and more a library of antiques. manga was seized by a feeling that he had wandered into a side room at a major museum. show you something interesting, ecchi.” adult comics took down a book and gave it to. an original copy of Hamlet.” comics felt dizzy. Any collector would be eager just to lay eyes on this, but it was stored carelessly. There must be many other treasures buried in this room. He fearfully turned the pages. He had no chance of understanding it, since it was written in archaic English. hentai winked at him. “Even British people can’t understand it, so don’t feel bad.” When they left the study, they looked in on another dining room, different from the one they had eaten in. This one was even bigger, with a table that could seat 12. “Past there is the room I use for myself.- manga pointed out. “And below are the kitchen and . the servants’ rooms. That’s somewhere I’m not allow0 to go.” “Not allowed?” ecchi echoed. “They don’t like it. I could only go down there. for a peek when I was a kid.” hentai girl smiled bitter.)

A Promise Of Romance 101 -Even so, the house is big enough, and pretty old and boring. huh?” “No! I’m glad I got to see it,- manga said easily. artwork smiled cheerfully. “I’m glad you think A surprising amount of time had passed on the anime felt oppressed by the splendor of the manor. The moment of closeness he had felt in the bar had not followed them to the other areas of the house. art was every inch an aristocrat. He was part of a completely different world from the one adult comics lived.

Adult comics felt like he finally understood this fully.

An old woman came the next morning to wake.

"Are you awake, miss?" "Good morning," he replied as politely as he Could. "I’m the head maid" the old man introduced herself, smiling brightly. "Master is so cruel. Everyone in the house is so eager meet you, young lady, but he hasn’t said a word to one.’, She opened the curtains, allowing the light in. "I’m May." "Miss I…" The old woman hadn’t understood e, and seemed at a complete loss.

The Moon Is Anime Power


They knew. At the edge of their field of vision, because they saw her come—they were smiling, believing that the revelry would increase. With the expectations of the spectators the final player—the power that couldn’t be stopped by anyone “I’ll shoot! Whether it moves or doesn’t move, shoots or doesn’t shoot, Fin going to shoot! The revelry’s in fall swing; this be flashy—” pointing the Hakkero forward while flying near, speaking sharply at the free that continued to grow, Master Spark!” she released that light at the same time she appeared A sun was born. A gold light blighter than the moon and the sun rat that Aya and Suika narrowed flew. Destroying everything will be light, without bending or s unable to stopped by uncle unable to be stopped by Was not able to hentai the separated siblings.

The shock wave, the space and The air that disappeared by the vacuum that was created to it, started swallowing the things it. noise, the air that shook in the Master Spark. The best attack. The strongest light Marisa. He sighed without knowing. And even though that was probably the same for Marisa, who released an attack with all her strength—contrastively, she was smiling boldly. She changed her position in the sky. From her position of riding on the broom, she stood up on the broom and pointed her finger. To hentai anime, who floated in the sky. They faced each other. The shrine maiden and the magician faced each other. The two humans faced each other. “It’s almost the end, Rehm! At least in the very end—let’s go with a ecchi hentai bang!” “You’re saying something like what someone else said!” There was no beginning signal. Both of them moved to be the first. The two who had used up all their strength charged toward each other as if they weren’t tired. Even using all their strength—wasn’t enough. Something like that wasn’t nearly enough, Marisa thought. You’re the one person I don’t want to lose to, Reimu thought.

That was why what collided probably wasn’t strength, but feelings. Strong feelings they wouldn’t yield. The tip of the broom tore Reimu’s clothes, and the golden hair that was taken by the tamagushi that was swung fluttered in the air. They separated at the same speed they had come into contact, and even the moment they turned around in the air was exactly the same. Rehm and Marisa turned, and—avoided the danmaku that flew at them. And they turned around at the same time—”We’d rather you” “didn’t ignore us.” the oni and tengu who shot from the side said that. “You were there,” smiled Marisa. “We were,” smiled Aya. “We are,” smiled Suika. The only one who wasn’t smiling, Reim, looked at those three with a bitter expression. What was in her head was a single question. The question that appeared a few moments ago. —Without relation to the end of the world.

Yes, it didn’t matter. The world ending and this danmaku play had no relation. Reimu finally released the question that had appeared that moment outside.

Who’s that Girl?

Ecchi Girl

Who is that girl right there? Who knows, it could be anyone, but probably just another hentai girl created for making your dream come true. Did you ever imagined that these hentai females would really exist? Imagine the possibilities with such sexy girls become real. Let me make one thing clear, in a decent time (not too long away) science will be able to create sex dolls so real that they will blow your mind. Of course at first they will be very expensive, but after some time has passed everyone will be able to download/order them via Internet, or another service and people will be laughing at those guys who used to jerk off to porn. However, this is yet just pure Hentai Science Fiction ;)

Robin Hentai Real Life Story

Hentai Robin

Well it’s hard to find the right words for such a hentai goddess like Robin is. Eiichiro Oda did a fantastic job creating this marvelous One Piece hot female character. She isn’t just a real manga hottie, rather she is very smart as well. Actually her nickname should be Cold Blood Lady, since it is not possible to baffle this hentai girl. She is always one step ahead and ready to hit her enemies hard. Robin was forced to learn how to survive on her own since she was a little girl. Her life sure wasn’t easy, but once she meet with the Strawhat Pirates her life turned way more positive then sexy Robin would have ever imagined. Now she has friends and great adventure in the so called New World. Ready to protect her team mates and to support her captain Monkey D. Luffy to become the Pirate King. You simply must love her, our hot hentai Robin.

"I caught you." From the inside of the building her back touched lightly—two arms came out that it was from nico robin hentai

She was going to be caught. A chill ran through her spine. Her shoulders were grabbed by the arms that went through the concrete. Kazami ‘Ituka’s hands. It hurt. It hurt enough for her to not be able to shake them off Her fingers sunk into her shoulders, and her long nails broke her skin. She couldn’t escape. Then—”Fantasy—” “Too slow-!” The rehash didn’t work. The one behind her—Kazami ltuka, was faster at activating her ability than she was at shooting damnaku at her. It wasn’t a spell card. It wasn’t even a move. With all her strength—the manifestation of her ability. Ituka, who had the ability to make flowers bloom, poured all of her strength into it. Taking even the danmaku Rehm tried to release as nourishment—flowers were born. The flowers became branches, the branches became trees, the trees became a forest, and the forest became a great tree while intertwining. It was like the world tree Reimu was taken in by the flowers, the grass, the branches, the leaves, and the trunk. Grow, grow, grow, grow, grow. The tree on which flowers grew and flourished grew and grew and grew. Using the giant building itself as nourishment—in less than a few seconds, the building’s appearance became that of a tree’s. A tree and a forest, a tree and a flower. It was literally all of her strength. Ituka who used all of her

strength, fell at the roots of the tree. But still, the tree didn’t stop. The life that was created continued to grow even after leaving Ituka. With Reimu still inside. “I wonder if she’s going to die. Though she probably won’t.” “She might to die. Though I’m sure she won’t.” Aya and Suika said that without seeming to believe it at all. The two who looked down at roots of the tree, looked at the trunk, and looked up at the flowers had smiles on their faces. The oni and the tengu were smiling that it wouldn’t end with something like this. As if—to answer those smiles.

The same time they heard some voice, sound—part of the tree flew off, and danmaku flew out. They were seals. Many damnaku they recognized flew as if to destroy the curse of the tree. But—it wasn’t enough. That wasn’t enough. Many came out—and each time, the tree grew and recovered. Supplementing its broken body with other branches, it grew more complexly and bigger. Even if Reimu was alive inside, the force of each danmaku was too weak for her to escape. The speed at which it grew was overwhelmingly faster than the one of destruction. That was why to break it, power that overwhelmed even that was needed. A power that penetrated the sky and cleared the clouds, pierced the stars and shot the moon, dyed the world, and couldn’t be stopped by anyone was needed. Suika and Aya—knew that power. They were smiling because of me.

Kakashi Hatake Love Ninja Life


Kakashi Hatake is Naruto’s first Sensei who teaches him about everything. From being a good Ninja to making the most pervert Hentai Jutsu’s. As far as we know his first love was Rin, however Rin died when she was still young and after her no woman made it really into Kakashi’s heart. Not that his hentai factor would be minor, but he probably was just after the fast love and nothing special after that. Kakashi is a master of Ninjutsu and does know thousands of different fighting techniques. You would like him as a friend, but you should fear him as a hentai fiend. Until know he is the only main character who died and was then being brought back to life thanks to Pains Jutsu. All in all a great fighter and an excellent Ninja teacher with sex appeal.